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Facials treatments

Double detoxifying and energising action with Cosmetic Drone Technology and pure oxygen. Mask based on active oxygen and D-Ribose with which you will achieve a correct facial hygiene. For all skin types and at any time of the year.

From 60,00

Ultra firming and anti-aging moisturizer. High tech facial mask with Wakame seaweed. Firming marine biotechnology cosmetics, along with the benefits of seawater.

From 65,00

Rejuvenating effect for extra dry skin. Energising, nourishing and anti-ageing treatment. High-tech facial mask with vitamin C and dill. Stimulates collagen synthesis and makes the skin more elastic.

From 65,00

A 360º global anti-aging treatment that fights from the inside and outside all the signs associated with aging, reinforcing the first skin defense barrier, protecting against pollution, preventing oxidation and accelerating the cell renewal process.

From 75,00

A rejuvenating repairing rejuvenator with high cosmetic technology. Its hyperemic action produces a dilatation vessel for greater stimulation of circulation. Stimulator of skin stem cells, multiplies skin collagen x4, balancing and lifting effect.

From 65,00

Revitalizing anti-aging treatment of vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements to restore the balance that is lost over time.

From 70,00

The new global rejuvenating treatment for the eye contour by CASMARA

Eye Perfection is the solution for a visibly younger look. Objective perfect look.

Professional and sensorial cosmetics, with high perfecting power for the eye contour that provides global anti-ageing care and unique sensations that immerse you in a sublime holistic experience.

From 55,00

Intensely renews skin tone. An excellent combination of brightening whitening active ingredients that act directly on the melanogenesis process. With snail mucus. High-tech facial mask formulated with MELANOSTATINE and rice flour.

From 75,00

High-tech facial mask with Goji Berries. For young skin with a balancing effect and natural active ingredients that prevent the signs of aging. Ultra antioxidant action.

From 60,00

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