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Massages and anti-stress therapies

Therapy worked with oils or creams and aromatherapy together with relaxing, deep manipulations and stretching techniques, lasting 50 minutes.

From 65,00

40-minute Indian shoulder, neck and head massage.

From 55,00

Rear and frontal body massage performed with a hot and scented oil candle, creating an environment that invites rest and relaxation.

Duration 50′

From 65,00

It combines the traditional relaxing therapeutic massage with application on the skin of stones at different temperatures, lasting 30 minutes.

From 45,00

Relaxing massage of 30 minutes.

From 40,00

Relaxing massage of 15 minutes.

From 25,00

Massage developed manually, applying pressure on a painful area of ​​the patient in order to alleviate the ailment.

30 minutes long.

From 45,00

A therapeutic technique based on the stimulation of points on the feet, called reflex zones that correspond to different parts of the body.

40 minutes long.

From 50,00

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