Eye perfection

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The new global rejuvenating treatment for the eye contour by CASMARA

Eye Perfection is the solution for a visibly younger look. Objective perfect look.

Professional and sensorial cosmetics, with high perfecting power for the eye contour that provides global anti-ageing care and unique sensations that immerse you in a sublime holistic experience.

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Eye Perfection is the solution for a visibly younger look. It is a revolutionary and advanced professional treatment with a comprehensive rejuvenating action that combines growth factors, medicinal botanical extracts, and proprietary technology inspired by carboxytherapy. It can rejuvenate the eye contour from the first session. This innovative and exclusive formula addresses and prevents all aesthetic issues in the eye area, effectively combating the negative effects of aging, chronic stress, and fatigue, delivering extraordinary results. It is professional and sensorial cosmetics with high rejuvenating power, providing unique care and sensations that immerse you in an authentic wellness experience.

The technique involves an innovative combination of active ingredients that release CO2 into the skin, producing similar results to carboxytherapy. It improves oxygenation and circulation in the treated area, lightens the discoloration of dark circles, and helps improve and prevent fluid accumulation and the formation of bags under the eyes.

This advanced complex stimulates cellular activity, promotes nutrient delivery to the cells, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, and repairs skin damage caused by the passage of time. It combines essential regenerating actions, making the skin cells function as they would in youthful skin.

It also incorporates an advanced botanical complex consisting of an exquisite fusion of plant extracts used for medicinal purposes by various ancient cultures such as China, India, and South America, along with hawthorn and Arabian jasmine, ingredients widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for their beneficial properties. The formula is rich in flavonoids, visibly reducing puffiness, brightening dark circles, and providing a double firming action in the eye area, thanks to its intense lifting effect.

In addition, this comprehensive professional rejuvenating treatment for the eye contour includes exclusive presotherapy glasses that offer unique sensations and care.

The Eye Perfection massage glasses are the initial step in the Eye Perfection treatment. Their aim is to help reduce signs of fatigue and stress around the eyes and provide an intense feeling of relaxation. You can enjoy a few minutes of deep relaxation and a pleasant sensory experience, thanks to the air pressure massage, thermal massage with heat, vibration massage, and relaxing music.

Following the presotherapy glasses, the professional Eye Perfection treatment is applied, which consists of 6 SINGLE-DOSE PHASES, including an innovative Peel-Off mask in cream texture and an exclusive ALGAE PEEL-OFF MASK enriched with platinum and specific actives to treat the eye contour.

The fusion of growth factors, medicinal botanical extracts, carboxytherapy-inspired technology, and the innovative PEEL-OFF MASK make Eye Perfection a unique rejuvenating treatment in the world, offering you the solution for a younger look and a sublime wellness experience.

Need more reasons to enjoy an EYE PERFECTION treatment session? Try it!

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